To such a reconciliation to hold, ask first acts of reconciliation. To do this, write an application in any form or letterhead, if there is a request to reconcile taxes and duties. In the office of the this statement should register. Ask when the documents will be ready.
Upon receipt of acts of reconciliation immediately make an appointment with the inspector. In some offices turn on the recording for three months in advance. In their accounts be sure to check the tax office with your existing reporting and payment documents. If there is a discrepancy, get your copies of the returns, pay stubs and go to the reception. There together with the inspector verify the amount on which you disagree. According to the results of the reconciliation acts must be signed by both parties.
The case is much more complicated, if the company has a force majeure and all the accounting documents in paper and electronic form was lost. In this case, you can request copies of returns for specific reporting period. For this you need to be a subscriber of the Internet reporting to the tax Inspectorate. This system is called "Information service of taxpayers." Order through it, information about all given statements, the outstanding enterprise fines and penalties, data card of calculations with the budget. A certificate of performance of the obligation to pay fees, taxes, insurance premiums, fines via the Internet not to, but you can order through the section "Letters".
But what if you want to know, does your contractor of its obligations to the state for taxes? According to article 102 of the Russian tax code, all information about a taxpayer obtained by the tax Inspectorate, police, customs authority, constitute a tax secret and not subject to disclosure. Free is information: - about the INN; - in open access in the state register;- the violations committed by the taxpayer, and the measures of responsibility for them; - on assets and income sources of a candidate for public office, and his wife;
Therefore, to get the reporting you are interested in counterparty, you will only be able to claim within the judicial proceedings and only if it will act as evidence in the case.