First, look back. Surely you have something to brag about: work, friends, family, Hobbies. If the work is not happy, and with a choice of the Institute has been a mistake, it's not too late to change.
If time allows, go on a vacation. Or sacrifice a couple weekends in their favor. Relax. Sleep.
Take a notebook, notebook, notebook – like that. Write the header: "What do I need in this life?" Write all thoughts, ideas that come to mind. Perhaps the first thoughts will be quite or they will seem not worthy of attention. Still record. Nowhere in a hurry. A serious question.Write all. Ranging from supervised during a trip to the store phone and ending the great achievements: to learn a foreign language, get another profession, to marry or get married, build a house, to achieve fame, etc. do Not limit yourself to 20-30 points. The more you write, the better.
Cross out the irrelevant momentary desires. Mark the most meaningful to you. In the process, make adjustments. Do not try to become a movie star, if you have never performed on stage and not holding the microphone in his hands, and diction have major problems.
Count how many turned items. Take a look at them. Determine what for you is really important and without which you can hardly imagine life. You no hurry. If no sensible ideas does not appear, take a break.Do not try to squeeze out some solutions. Select one small item and make a small step in this direction.
Make as many changes in everyday life. Change the style of clothes, go to where you've never been. Try new food, Hobbies. Fill your life with new impressions. And the answer to the question is sure to come.