Life values

Sometimes because of a hectic person ceases to see the thing in life and devotes all his time to the details. Later, looking back on your life, he might regret that there was so. So you do not regret the years spent, and not wanting to again start life with a clean slate, you need time to realize its mission.

Different people can be different values. Someone most of the time gives the work, beloved. The other focuses on his family. The third devotes himself to charity, helping other people. And the fourth is wasting precious time wasted. Not to say that there is some kind of universal Supreme value in life which should be given more attention. Each must determine for himself what was important.

Sometimes it is the most difficult thing - self-determination, prioritization. But I guess it can be argued that the most important thing in life is to live in harmony with yourself. Only in this case it is possible to feel happy, to understand, in what direction should develop. For a sense of inner peace may require different things: the possibility of self-realization, a sense of self-worth to society, love of family and so on.

Understand yourself

To understand themselves in various ways. Think of your ideal life. Note to all: around you where you live, what you do. Those few things will pop up in your imagination first and foremost, are the main. With this exercise you will understand how to build their lives, in what direction to move.

Also you can remember the happiest moments of my life. It is important which you felt the most joyful moments for you and why. Treatment internal look into their past and careful analysis of past years will help you understand that for you is really important in life. In addition, you will see how varied your values with age, because in different periods of life you bring pleasure of different things.

Equally important is to free your mind from the various stereotypes that do not take values, popular in society, for personal. It happens that a person is focused on others, takes as a basis for their priorities and achieves about the same as other people, resulting in one disappointment and emptiness. Listen to yourself. Think about what will bring joy to you.