If you want to break the connection with computer, open the current connection. Click on the "start" button, then click "control Panel". Select the icon of "control Center network and sharing", and then deploy the current connection and click "disable". You can also disable it via the system tray by double-clicking on the icon.
If you are using a gprs modem, you will need to open the program with which it is connected. Find the button "disable" and click on it. You can also unplug the gprs modem from the computer, thereby breaking the connection to the network.
When working in a network the Internetusing a dial-up modem or dedicated line, you can pull the phone cord from the modem, breaking off the connection or the modem is de-energized. You can do this by clicking on the button turning off the modem or pulling the power cord from the outlet. Also, you can disconnect the cord that connects the computer and the modem.
To disable the connection which is established using wi-fi, you can either click on the button that controls the wi-fi adapter, or use the method specified in step number one. When using a wi-fi router and modem, you can disconnect one of these devices using step number three.
Keep in mind that the method that is most safe for your equipment, is to disable through the program, which it carries out either through the conductor. Other methods can harm your computer and equipment, especially if you de-energize the equipment using the off button and pulling out the power cord from the outlet.