First, evaluate the situation - how many opponents you are facing, what their physical data. In that case, if the forces are hardly equal, fighting as such is not expected, and you're just going to beat, then don't be ashamed to run away or call for help. Also behave more inappropriately, flap their hands, jump, yell the first thing that comes to mind. Maybe that will confuse opponents or attract attention that you need.
You probably noticed that when you do something dangerous the first time, then there is always the fear or concern for what you can do it wrong. But when you do it regularly, you become much more confident. In the fight the same. People are afraid of this because it is for his life fought a little and not confident in his abilities. In order to solve this problem, the best option would be to enroll in training in Thai Boxing or kickboxing. With a familiar person after sparring with whom you will shake hands, not so scary to fight. If you can not attend such classes, you can just buy a pair of gloves and find a friend who will not mind you springball. Well, the last option is to find someone who so want you to fight these enemies you have exactly. First agree about what you're going to fight with gloves, and eventually when the fear will disappear without them.
Grabbing with the abuser, try not to strike first. Expect aggressive action of your opponent. During the fight, try to collect all the forces, remember the most unpleasant moments of your life that cause you aggression, to fists clenched themselves. Forget about the fact that there is fear surrounding. Run into the enemy with all the strength and fervor.