A country house can be painted in any bright color. Pick the hue that best reflects the mood and style of the entire area and ornamental plants on it. It is desirable that the window frame was white, this color harmonizes perfectly with all other shades.

Very interesting to watch the game on the contrast, try to pick colors that are beautifully combined with each other. Consider a few options. You can select colors from the same palette of hues, this combination will look beautiful and never looks tacky.

Try to draw on the walls giving some beautiful floral patterns or ethnic patterns. You can decorate the house with pictures of various animals, use stencils. This cottage will look very original and unusual and pleasing to the eye of passers-by. Make the walls with imitation wooden logs or stone walls.

Very nice look of different-sized boxes with flowers. Hang under each window wooden planters, you can also paint or just varnish. Pour into a container 1/3 perlite or expanded clay, the remaining space will fill the earth. Put in the boxes any annuals to your taste (Impatiens, begonia, brachycome, verbena, Dianthus, Campanula, Lobelia, pelargonium, Petunia, etc.).

Note the vines. Attach to the wall or the roof of the garden trellis which you need to put curly vines. These plants will beautifully towards the house, creating a unique atmosphere of comfort. The choice of vines is very large, so you will be able to find a variety that is more suited to the style of the site.

Decorate the entrance to the house. Make a path of paving slabs, fence low fence. On either side of the entrance, put two tall pots with plants. Good decoration shutters are especially beautiful they will look if you envision them.

Don't forget the front group. Neat porch itself is a decoration. If size allows, put it on a wooden bench. Be sure to make an elegant railing. That cottage looks perfect, all the wooden objects should be the same shade.