Advice 1: How to obtain Russian citizenship Belarusian

To obtain Russian citizenship citizen of Belarus is not so difficult as it might seem at first glance. And the current scheme of obtaining Russian citizenship within the simplified procedure makes the whole procedure for 3-4 months.
How to obtain Russian citizenship Belarusian
So, if you are a citizen of Belarus, but for various reasons decided to get Russian citizenship, first check if you can obtain citizenship under a simplified scheme. The rules are simple:
- Do you have parents or other close relatives (sisters, brothers, grandparents, and even grandchildren or granddaughter.), residing on the territory of Russia and is its citizens.
- You were born or lived in Russia until 1991.
- You were educated in one of the Russian Universities or secondary vocational schools after July 1, 2002.
And finally, you no less than three years of marriage with the citizen of the Russian Federation.
If your situation matches at least one item, congratulations! In a short time you can change the Belarusian citizenship to a Russian.
Documents may be submitted in the Russian Embassy in Minsk, and directly in the migration office in the territory of Russia at the place of residence.
For successful obtaining Russian citizenship, prepare the following:
- Application for admission to citizenship in a simplified manner.
- Birth certificate and passport. As well as any document confirming departure for permanent residence in Russia. As a rule, it is a common piece of departure.
- You will also need 3 photos.
- If necessary, be prepared to provide and other documents (marriage certificate, change of surname, name or patronymic, diplomas or documents confirming kinship ).
In some cases, you may need a certified translation of the documents into Russian language.
- And don't forget to pay the state duty in the amount of 2,000 rubles.
With the Belarusian citizenship will have to say goodbye, writing a rejection at the stage of submission.
If you do not qualify for the simplified procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship, then it is necessary to issue citizenship on the same basis.
To do this you need to issue a residence permit to live in Russia for 5 years. As a rule, the time of consideration of your question after submitting all documents is 1 year. And then finally you become the owner of a Russian passport.

Advice 2: As the Belarusians to obtain Russian citizenship

A resident of Belarus can obtain citizenship of the Russian Federation in a simplified procedure, if born in Russia or has Russian relatives. This was agreed in 1999, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. This agreement is called a quadrilateral, and today it gives the citizens of these States do not experience difficulties with obtaining Russian citizenship.
As the Belarusians to obtain Russian citizenship
Study the text of the law on citizenship. Pay special attention to Chapter 2, which broadcasts specifically about the acquisition of citizenship. Also, read the text of the quadripartite agreement to acquire the citizenship according to simplified system may not all Belarusians.
If you are a citizen of Belarus, but born in Russia or have Russian direct relatives – mother, father, grandmother, brother, sister, grandfather citizenship of the Russian Federation you will be able to obtain in a simplified procedure – according to the quadripartite agreement. To do this in Belarus put in your passport a mark about departure for permanent residence in Russia. In this case, you give a piece of departure.
In Russia you have to get to the Consulate. Then go to OUFMS and apply for citizenship of the Russian Federation.What documents are needed: - Belarusian passport;- completed application form-a statement about the desire to take Russian citizenship;- birth certificate;- receipt confirming the payment of state duty; - the document which is the basis for granting you citizenship of the Russian Federation.
Also in the simplified order you will receive citizenship of the Russian Federation, if you marry a Russian woman, or marry a Russian citizen. 3 months after you receive your marriage certificate, you will get the citizenship of the Russian Federation. In this case, the document-the basis for granting citizenship you will have the marriage certificate.
If a citizen of Belarus, graduated from the Russian UNIVERSITY, or have received a secondary vocational education, it can also in a simplified procedure to obtain citizenship of the Russian Federation. But this point of law applies only to those graduates who graduated after July 1, 2002.
If a resident of Russia adopts a child from Russia, then the child also becomes a citizen of the Russian Federation in a simplified manner.
To obtain citizenship of the Russian Federation in the General order can the citizens of Belarus that are 5 years continuously lived in Russia, have legitimate source of income, know Russian language. Those who reached the heights in any field of culture or science, asks for political asylum or is considered a refugee for citizenship do not have to live in Russia 5 years, enough years.
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