Disable proxy servers in two ways. If you want to temporarily suspend the work with these resources, turn off the global setting. If you no longer plan to connect to the network through a proxy server, clear the field. In the browser Opera, press F12 and wait until the new menu. Remove the tick from "Use proxy server".
To clear the complete list of servers, press Ctrl and F12. After opening a new menu, go to the tab "Advanced" menu and select "Network". Click the "Proxy servers" and clear all the fields. Save the settings and restart the browser.
If you use the Mozilla FireFox browser, start it and open the "Settings" tab. Select "General settings". Locate the advanced tab and open it. Select the submenu "Network" and click "Customize" next to "Connection". Check the box next to "Manual proxy configuration" and clear all fields. Now activate the checkbox "No proxy". Repeatedly press the Ok button and restart the browser.
Google Chrome uses proxy servers that are configured in the Internet connection. Open the settings menu of the browser and select the tab "Advanced". Click "Change settings of the proxy server" located in the menu "Network".
After opening the menu of the proxy server for the Windows operating system click "setup". Remove the tick from "Use proxy server for this connection". Click "Apply" and close the menu.