You have the opportunity to move to Germany for permanent residence, if you are an ethnic German (that is, if your ancestors were Germans). However, in this case you will have to provide solid evidence that you are indeed an ethnic German (this must be documentary evidence, extracts from archives, for example).
High probability to get permanent residence in Germany have someone who is a highly qualified specialist. You also need to find an employer that will be ready to take on the execution of all documents and call. In addition, if you plan to start your own business in Germany, you have the right to obtain permanent residence.
A University education and future employment can give you the chance to obtain permanent residence in Germany. However, in this case, it will require a considerable amount of money because the training can be paid(each Federal land leaves it in its sole discretion), living in the country is also not cheap, but if you at the end of the University or any other educational institutions will not find a job immediately, some time and does have to live, at least not in a big way".
The right to leave for permanent residence are those who have citizenship in any country of the European Union, also from the Germans, who had lost the citizenship of Germany. In addition, to obtain a permanent residence are those who want to be reunited with family(parents, children, spouse) living in Germany for permanent residence.