The most important sign that your husband is Dating someone else is a regular long absence from his home outside of working hours. This is especially evident, if earlier her husband had overtime. In addition, most women who cheat on husbands, says that over time, moving away from them once so close people. Men to give you what they don't pay as much attention as before. However, it sometimes happens that men in such periods become more tender than usual, towards their spouses. This is because in this way they want to divert attention from suspicions of loyalty.
In addition, if the husband changes, then he starts to have more than usual to monitor their appearance. Often men in such times, after returning from the emergency "overtime" his eyes shining with happiness. These changes in your husband speak for themselves about his "bit on the side". But completely to trust only one of these signs. It is possible that your husband is really working late and won't have the energy to show attention to you.
The tendency to "store credit" you can see in public places. Please note that if you pays the man all his attention, or sometimes turns foreign women.
In addition to the above, there are other proven ways to determine whether your husband's infidelity. One of them is sign language. Try to talk confidentially with her husband. During a casual conversation ask him a simple question: "how Important loyalty is to you?". Pay attention not only to himself his answer, but also how he responds. Does not use any suspicious gestures, and there are no tensions in his body?