Of course, that you were able to provide monetary help to his friend and to replenish the balance you must have in your account is required to list the amount of money. To check her availability, type on the keyboard combination *100# and press the call button. Within fractions of seconds on the screen of your phone will appear the amount which at the moment is your mobile account.
Depending on what amount is needed, use different services. If it will be enough small amounts to 300 rubles, then use the service "Direct transfer". Start typing the following command: *112#(number of your friend whose account you want to top up consisting of 10 digits)*(sum from 1 ruble to 300)#. Your account will be debited this amount and transferred to the number that you specified in the command line. Your friend again.
For transferring large amounts, you need to use the "Share balance", which is automatically available to all MTS subscribers, who are natural persons. This service is valid even if your friend's phone is locked, for example, for non-payment. Please note this caveat: after you have transferred the money to a friend who does not have the ability to do it yourself, on your personal account must be not less than 1000.
If the account balance is less than required, Fund your account. For this you can use the Internet to transfer money from their Bank account using Internet banking or directly on the website by funding your account with a credit card. Maximum transfer amount for direct numbers MTS – 6000 thousand rubles, for Federal – 3000 rubles. To replenish the balance you can also in the cellular shops or via payment terminals.
Dial *363*375(the number of your friend whose account you want to top up consisting of 10 digits)*(transfer amount from 500 to 10,000 rubles)#. Brackets when typing the commands do not need to put. If the command is written correctly, your phone will receive the verification code of the operation. Send the command *363*(confirmation code)#, and amount will be deducted from your account to the specified number.
There is a limit on the amount of you can send at one time is 10,000. If you want to send more, you have to make the respective request for service several times. During the day you will not be able to list more than 25,000 rubles. For the recipient the maximum amount of the money should not exceed 50,000 rubles.
The fact that the provision of services is confirmed by receiving your incoming sms messages to be sent from the short number 343. It costs 105 rubles without VAT.