For parcels sent to Kazakhstan, as for all others, there is a limitation on size and weight. Your container should not be more than 1.05 m in any dimension; the sum of length and perimeter of the largest cross-section not more than two meters. Ordinary parcels must be no heavier than 10 kilograms. If the parcel weighs 10 to 20 kg, it can take, but it will be as heavy. Receiving and issuing this happens in a dedicated post offices. In some cases, parcels whose length is above the norm, but within two meters), are taken if the perimeter of the greatest cross section is not more than one meter.
Review the list of items and substances prohibited for shipment. It can be found in the Internet (for example, the site of mail of Russia). In each country, this list may be added – this information can be found in the post office before you leave.
Making sure that your package meets the above-mentioned parameters, choose a suitable container. It is desirable that the amount she was as close to the attachment size. Not to be mistaken with the choice, you could package sent things to bring in the mail and before buying "to try" box.
Packaging the parcel the house. Fragile items wrap bubble wrap or several layers of fabric. Make sure that the banks with dry food tightly Packed that none of the items are not dirty and won't wrinkle the next. The smallest of them is better to collect in a separate box and tape/bandage it.
If the box was too big, empty space to fill. The most convenient material for these purposes is polystyrene – it is quite durable and at the same time lightweight, which means its effect on the weight and value of parcels would be minimal.
Box with stacked things do not cover the employees of the postal service is entitled to examine its contents. Ask in the Department of parcels and packages the forms of customs declarations for shipments in Kazakhstan. Specify the data of the sender and the addressee and list everything you put in the box. Here is not a valid common phrases, objects and their number must be named specifically.
Email address of the sender and recipient on the box (legible, preferably in block letters). Because Russian language is in Kazakhstane official, all the data can be specified only in Russian.