It is much easier to implement a presentation, if a book is not the first, but complements a number of works. For example, the second part of the novel or just another detective. When the author is already known to the public and he has his fans, enough to place inquire information on popular websites and in book stores. However, such advertising should be written very correctly. And it is not about spelling, but about the capacity of such articles. The text must engage the reader and to accurately describe the book. Sometimes for writing such a short review of talent is required twice more than for writing whole books.
If the author of a debut, the training must be serious. In addition to the required advertising in stores and on the Internet, you need to apply in the edition of the popular magazines and Newspapers. Media should be selected based on the target audience. If the book, for example, is designed for young people, it is better to print an article in a popular glossy magazine. Great if the author can get into one of the TV shows like "Dating personality". Then he will be able to Express themselves and tell about their work.
Also a good version of the presentation will be to attract popular acclaim. Evaluation of the well-known criticism is always very important. Because readers see the author, and critic has earned their trust.
To arrange a meeting with the author, in this case, does not make sense. First, this case is quite costly: room rental, decorations, personal time, etc. second, who would come to such a meeting? After all the autographs while giving away none. However, to completely exclude this event is still not worth it, should just all be carefully considered that the meeting was interesting.