You will need
  • -the document proving the identity
  • -power of attorney
On the basis of legislation, receive the package personally or through an authorised person who has a notary or other valid power of attorney.
A valid authorization may be a document certified by the chief doctor of the clinic if the person can not leave it. Or a medical appointment need to bring a notary that is not an issue. All notaries, in addition to working in the office, produce outreach activities for the certification of all documents of seriously ill and infirm people.
If the recipient is in prison, the power of attorney can be written to any person and certified by the chief of a corrective colony or his Deputy. The document must bear the stamp of the colony.
Also the power of attorney may be certified by the unit commander if a soldier or his family members are unable to administration in person, and the notary in a military unit, most often, missing.
If the person is in a nursing home, institutions for the care of the infirm and the sick, and the notary office nearby is absent, to certify the power of attorney can in local administration or in the administration of the institution.
When filling in the recipient information needs to be delivered a handwritten signature. With the power of attorney is signed by a trusted entity.
In some cases, especially in towns where everyone knows each other, the parcel is issued on a foreign passport. This is a direct violation of the laws of the Russian Federation. Beneficiary without a power of attorney puts his signature or copy of the person who receives the parcel. It's called forgery of signatures and documents, and therefore punishable by law.
The law also allowed to deliver parcels. This is done by the staff of post offices for a fee.