You will need
  • switch
  • network cables
There are two different ways to connect two computers to an ADSL modem. Both of them are quite convenient and possess a number of advantages and disadvantages.
Consider a situation in which you want to create a local network between computers by connecting them to the same modem. The disadvantage of this method is that you will not be able to simultaneously access the Internet with both computers.
Connect the ADLS modem to the network hub. Latest connect every computer with a network cable. In this case, you will approach a simple switch of format 1 entry and 2 exit. Configure both computers in accordance with the requirements of your provider. Disadvantage of this method is that to connect to the Internet, you can only from one computer.
If you are required to access the Internet with both computers at the same time, we will approach the second method. Connect two computers network cable. One of the PC connect with ADSL modem.
Open the LAN settings between the computers on the first PC. Select "Internet Protocol TCP/IP". Fill in the field "IP address" Press Tab to get the address subnet.
Open the properties of your Internet connection and go to the tab "Access". Allow access to the Internet for a local network between computers.
Open the LAN settings on the second computer. In the field "IP address", enter Enter the address of the first computer in the field "default gateway" and "Preferred DNS server".
In this configuration the network settings you will be able to simultaneously access the Internet with both computers. Minus of this method is that to make web access from a second computer, the first must be enabled, and the connection with the Internet actively. So as a basic computer, you should choose the one that is included often.