You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - high-quality interesting videos;
  • - programming skills.
Find the in the Internet websites where people can purchase high-quality video. These include the so-called drains. Stock video has become popular. An example of such a resource can serve as a "Shutterstock-Video". Create works that will not be lost in the huge collection of "Shutterstock" and will not be rejected. To familiarize yourself with the requirements of the sites to offer video on their home page.
Create your own website through which you will carry out the sale of videos. To be competitive, share movies, clips and videos but good quality. If your material is quite interesting, you will be able to set a price on his jump. Movie (excerpt, trailer) I love it. If it is like the user, then the jump is provided. If you are good at programming, write a script to raise money for leap. You can also use sms service.
Sell views of your videos on certain sites. In the Internet there are similar services where you will be able to spread them. For some the number of video views you will get money. However, in order to earn something in this way, you will need a decent amount of hits (in the thousands).
Use profitable way of doing business, namely the earnings on the videos – creating video tutorials. If you know how to create sites, programming - proceed to the preparation of training material. Record video tutorials explaining the use of programs, creating websites and many other things.
Then record the finished lesson to disk, make the cover. Promotion video spend in the Internet. Create a mini-website with the price list and a product description. The cost of this disc depends on the relevance and volume of information.