The main function of the soiland it is a substrate for strengthening the plants. Some aquarists, to facilitate easy cleaning of the aquarium, do not use sand or pebbles, but if you want that the aquarium performed a decorative function, the ground it is better to use. There are living organisms that decompose dead organic matter into useful substances and cleansing the aquarium. In addition, in the soile stored reserves of carbon dioxide that affect the buffering of the water.
When selecting the groundand notice that it shall not release into water soluble substances, must not be sharp edges, so as not to hurt the fish and should be permeable to water. Usually, as the soiland use river sand or pebbles. To make sure that the soil is suitable for you, it is quite a splash of vinegar. If after that, on the surface no blisters or foam, so this primer can be used.
If you decide not to buy soil at the store and prepare it yourself, go to the nearest Creek or river for large river sand. Be sure to clean the soil from contaminants – sticks, particles, algae, pieces of paper.
Take a sieve and sift the sand through it. Everything that takes place in sieve, throw away ruthlessly, still in use in the aquarium it will only pollute the water. Repeat the procedure several times, then proceed to flushing the soil.
Thoroughly rinse the soil under warm running water, constantly stirring it. It is necessary that the soil is completely free from fine particles. The better you rinse the sand the faster the water in the aquarium will become transparent and you will be able to settle there fish.
If desired, soil can be decontaminated. To do this, rinse it with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, then do not forget to rinse the sand in tap water.
Now the ground can be used in the aquarium. Place an even layer 4-7 centimeters and begin to create their underwater Kingdom.