You will need
  • Linear magnet in the form of a strip, the axis of the two spools from under the thread No. 10 wire with enamel insulation wooden frame (ready or electric motor from any children's toys), sewing thread.
In the middle of the linear magnet is in the form of a metal strip drill a hole (it is designed for the axis), then connect the magnet to the axle.
Wrap the coil from under the thread wire with enamel insulation (its diameter should be 0.25 mm) so as to fill the frame.
Attach the coil on a wooden frame. Mounted on the axis of the magnet should rotate between their ends.
Consistently connect the coil. The voltage across the terminals when the magnet is rotated should be the maximum – this can be checked experimentally. Your engine is ready, it can be used to create a generator of alternating current.
The motor shaft to wind the thread. If the motor terminal to connect a small light bulb and pull the thread, the bulb will light up.