In order to later not have problems with the termination of contractand negligent realtor, pay attention to some of the provisions of this agreementand before signing it.
Make a contract so that you pay for the end result (for the sold apartments or for your living space). Realtors also try to make the contract so that it was not aimed at the end result. In the contractthey say that our obligation to show you the apartment, to place ads in the press, to collect information and documents to provide you with information on its database and so on. Such a contract would be difficult to terminate, because you can't prove the dishonesty of agents.
If you noted in the contractthat the duties of the Agency include the sale or purchase of real estate, time passes, but no result, feel free to terminate this agreement. Since the conditions of the contractand the Agency of the real estate has not been performed, require not only the termination of the contract, but also refund your money.
Please note that you may terminate the contract, even if the realtor seems to be fulfilling all the stipulated conditions. But in this case you will have to pay for Agency incurred costs. To do this, please submit a statement (written, of course) in this real estate office. In the statement specify that they refuse service and ask a transcript of the expenses incurred. Ask for proof that these costs not only occurred, but was associated with the implementation of your contract.