Take a very ordinary chair, preferably with a high back. Cut a rectangle from foam rubber or synthetic winterizer and fasten it on the back of the chair to make her more comfortable.
Now sew the cover for the throne of the beautiful, and even better is a noble material. For example, organza or velvet. This will allow your hurt to look "rich". The case should cover the entire chair and the chair back, and legs.
From the same material, cut a wide strip. Layer it around the bottom of the back of the chair and tied behind the back beautiful bow. By the middle of the bow, you can also glue rhinestones large size that will make your throne even more stylish.
In the same way you can make a throne out of an old chair with wooden armrests and office chair with high back. In this case, just make the armrests with foam rubber or synthetic winterizer. If the seat back is strongly bent backwards, this can be corrected with extra long pillows for the sofa (you can also sew it with your hands). To the bottom cover of your throne you can sew Golden fringe.
If you make a throne for your little Princess or theatrical performances, sew to the top of the cushion of the backrest of the throne "crown", cut from bright yellow or Golden fabric.