Feed your dog foods that contain calcium: cheese, milk, meat, etc. once a day add in food, the puppy gelatin (gelatin pinch on the tip of a knife).
как той терьеру ставить ушки
Walk with the dog as often as possible and in the sun. For bone growth sunlight is very useful.
как укрепить ушки йорку
Useful for puppy ear massage. It improves blood circulation. Six times a day stroke the ears from the base to the tip, directing them up. Don't wait, Pat! This massage is especially useful in places where there are cracks.
той терьер как и чем чистить уши
To procedure helping to make the ears erect, is otkleivanie ears plaster. Only use medical tape! Stationery tape or tape will not work, because underneath the ear will rot and may cause allergic reactions. The width of the patch (3) see Bus for the ear must be less than the ear, it is made of a rod of a ballpoint pen. Measure the length and width of the dog ear. Make two petal patch corresponding to the measured dimensions. The petals in length should be slightly smaller dog ear, but fit his form. At the center of the petals glue the tire on one side of the petal should remain sticky. With its help, attach the entire structure to the ear of the dog. Before applying disinfect the ear with Cologne, alcohol.
как поставить одно ухо собаке