The basis for the return of goods is the presence of a defect not discovered during the initial inspection in the store, when the camera was packaged. Example: the retraction of the keys or buttons, inability to use a standard function, and the like. It should be obvious that the fault did not appear in the result of use (especially improper use), and the fault of the manufacturer, the carrier or the store.
After discovering this problem, go to the shop together with full set purchased equipment (camera, instructions, documents, wires, and discs) and cheque. Describe your problem, show fault. You will be refunded your money or given another camera of the same model.
If the camera is serviceable and has not been used, within two weeks from the date of purchase you can return it in storeon presentation of a check. You will be refunded the money for the equipment.
When you return on the day of purchase money returned to the buyer from the cash shopand the check. In this case the receipt must be signed by the head of the organization or his Deputy. The amount of the refund is made act on form KM-3, approved by the resolution of Goskomstat of Russia.
The return occurs not on the day of purchase or the loss of a cheque, the refund will be credited from the General Fund in the cash disbursement order. The reason is a written statement of the buyer in any form and identity document (passport). In case of replacement of the faulty cameraand healthy (and not refund) the seller takes your product and sells new.