Apply toilet water better on wet skin. Dry absorbs bad odors. So the time when you just got out of the shower, is most suitable for use perfume.
Spray the fragrance on clean skin before you dress up — this guarantees a high degree of absorption of the smell. Also do not forget that getting toilet water on clothing can not only discolor the fabric, but also seriously damage it. If all the same you had to put perfume on your clothes, remember that synthetic fabrics can significantly distort the smell, while the fur and wool are the most friendly materials for the aromas. Spraying perfume, do not forget about jewelry: the spirits can affect the luster of pearls, amber and other stones.
Today there are several methods of applying fragrance on the body. The most common is the spray on the pulse points, the neck, wrists, behind the ears and on the bends of the elbows and the chest area. The skin in these areas warm, so the smell dissipates quickly in the air. If the room temperature is high, it makes sense to apply perfume also on the ankles and under your knees.
Very good place to apply fragrance are clean hair. They also absorb the smell and retain it for a long time.
Use the toilet water several times during the day. To freshen the flavor is every three to four hours. This will allow you to smell throughout the day. Makes no sense to put on the body a large quantity of perfume at one time, it is best to have in my purse a small bottle of perfume and use it from time to time.
In addition, it is worth remembering that the food we eat, affects how the fragrance will fall on the skin. So, spicy food can make perfume smell is much more intense than it really is. Smoking and consumption of drugs can also change the flavor. The increase in body temperature enhances the smell of perfume.Thus, today there are not only several ways of applying fragrance on the body but a number of features of conservation on the skin.