Start to understand the difference between perfume and toilet water. Perfume – the most concentrated substance content of the composition is about 30 percent, followed by perfume with concentration of the extract about 20 percent; the least concentrated and persistent toilet water that contains up to 10 percent of fragrance. Based on these considerations, dosage, use perfume and do not go overboard with scents.
First of all, remember that you should never put perfume on clothes. Woven fabrics of artificial staple fibers can change the sound of the fragrance, and the perfume can leave on clothes derivable spots.
Before applying the aroma, take a shower, then the notes will sound cleanly.
It is believed that hair keep a good smell when they clean.
Traditionally, the perfume applied behind the ears. Try to add the aroma of and other points, for example, in the folds of the elbows, behind the knees, on the wrists and neck.
Try on the advice of Estee Lauder spray perfume in the air and enter the cloud in the Nude. So the flavor will spread evenly on your skin and hair.
If you use toilet water, refresh it every 4 hours. Spirits re-application is not usually required, but in the evening you can add 1-2 drops.
To enhance the strength of flavor, ask the store lotion or body cream with the scent of your favorite perfume and use them before applying the actual fragrance.
It is also believed that the fragrance lasts longer on well hydrated skin, so use moisturizing creams and lotions for the body, but choose those that do not have a smell. Never mix flavors!
If during the deposition you realize that you overdid it with the application of a perfume, take a shower. If this is not possible, wipe with a damp towel.
Remember that the rules of etiquette dictate that the fragrance should be of a lightweight non-Intrusive plume, not suffocating cloud. Experts on etiquette are sure that your scent should feel only those who are suited to you closer than arm's length. Those who are further, have to smell your perfume.