Please contact the office or representative office of the company, the shareholder of which is you. Please show your passport. If while you were a shareholder, you have changed passport data, provide documents confirming the legality of such changes (e.g., certificate of marriage). Do not attempt to call the company to find the information you want. This information is not provided.
Many businesses do not keep records of its shareholders alone and transfer these functions to the companies-registrars. So you do not need to submit written requests, as in the best case, you only will tell you where to go; and at worst – will simply ignore your appeal.
Find out who maintains the register of shareholders of the company. It is easy to find on the Internet using a search resource. Or visit are links to the official sites of the largest Russian registrars, such as "interregional registration center".
Click on each link and look in one of the lists name or JSC, a shareholder of which is you. Review the list of necessary documents to the company, the Registrar responded to your request. This is usually:
- correctly filled application form individuals (in the form of the questionnaire can be found on the website of the company Registrar);

- copy of passport (all pages including blank)

- the order for the issue of required information from the registry (the form can be found on the website of the company Registrar).
Contact your notary to ensure that he assured all documents, and only then send them the letter with the notice to the address the Registrar.