First, gather as much information as possible about the position for which you want to find employee. Interact with immediate supervisor, administers this vacancy. Read the job description in order to accurately represent the responsibilities of specified positions.
Start with identifying positions, which can be called exactly in accordance with the current staffing. If the labor market for similar jobs, there is a simplification, it is possible to abandon strict adherence to internal company standard documents and call it thus as it is accepted in wide circles to get the right professionals can easily find your job opening.
Indicate in the wage amount, appropriate staffing, but do not forget to inform about possible allowances and premiums, putting them on a separate line. Such a suggestion should cause maximum interest among specialists. We should not overstate the level of pay, not to introduce job seekers astray, because all this will be revealed, and you only lose time, alienate a potential employee and cause damage to the reputation of the company.
Very precisely list the requirements of your organization to the applicants. There may be important age or appearance, for example, in sales and services. This can be a special professional education (especially in technical subjects) or work experience. In this case, specify all your requirements to avoid wasting time exploring summary, not a good candidate.
Let the responsibilities proposed to execute the person who will occupy the vacant place. It is necessary to describe simply and clearly as possible, preferably in accordance with the job description. In this case, the candidate will be able to evaluate your capabilities to become an effective employee in a new place, or to abandon claims to the place, understanding that not able to fulfill these requirements.
Now it only remains to specify the name of the organization that the applicant could prepare by gathering information about the company in advance and finding out all the issues that can help him make the decision about sending a resume. And don't forget to provide contact phone numbers, e-mail to send resume or request questionnaire. In addition, it is desirable to specify the name and patronymic of the person responsible for the selection of employees on the job that the candidate could refer to a specific person in the personnel office, without spending time looking for the right person.