You will need
  • - application forms;
  • - computer and printer or pen.
Visit personally to the territorial office of FMS at the place of your future residence or a diplomatic mission (Consulate) of the Russian Federation. Take there application forms on granting a permit for temporary residence and carefully examine the requirements for their completion. It would be best if you have a picture posted there samples, to avoid misunderstandings in the future.
Please note that the form can be downloaded from the Internet, for example, from the portal of public services — links are given below. But don't confuse — a statement for a foreign citizen arriving in Russia without a visa, differs from the form for the citizen who is crossing the border of Russia require a visa.
Fill in the form with block letters or in a text editor on the computer. The reasons that prompted you to contact with the given statementm, indicate "citizenship of the Russian Federation".
Specify the text of the statement your name Russian and Latin letters as they appear in your documents. If you have previously changed the surname (a name, a patronymic), specify the old name and the date and reason for the change data.
Specify the date and place of birth, information about your current citizenship. Citizenship if you have not, so write: "a stateless person". Your gender write the whole word "male" or "female".
Specify the name of the document proving the identity of the Wagyu, as well as its series and number, date and place of issue.
Specify in paragraph 6 of your current address and telephone number. In paragraph 7 you write, have you applied earlier with a request to issue a residence permit, and if appealed, when, where and with what result.
Enter information about your education: name of the institution where and when you finished it, number of the diploma, received a profession (specialty) date and place of issue. In paragraph below, indicate whether you have a degree. If not applicable, write "not available."
Indicate below any information about his marital status. If you are married or divorced, write the number of the certificate on marriage/divorce date and place of issue. In the table below, specify information about your close relatives: name, date and place of birth, nationality, address, place of work or study. If the person is a pensioner, and write "retired".
Write information on the location of your work over the last 5 years. If the name of the organization during this time has changed, enter the name that the organization wore when you worked with it.
Include your INN, if you have one. Below in paragraph 14 write about what your profession and where you are going to work
Write in paragraphs 15-19 detailed answers to the questions. To hide unpleasant facts of his biography is not recommended – if the Ruse is discovered, the permit for temporary stay is not allowed.
Specify data about members of your family that you intend to issue a permit for temporary residence together with you. If children are involved, specify the details of the second parent of these children.
Be sure to write the address where you intend to reside in the territory of the Russian Federation. List all documents that you will submit for a permit.
Print the application in duplicate. Do not sign a statement in advance – it is better to do at the time of transfer of documents to the inspector of the FMS.