Original style.

If you want to give a special bouquet, it is best to contact the florists they will help you to find a non - standard version of the bouquet. The stereotypical decision - roses and chrysanthemums, buys the vast majority of students, and the teacher September 1 or on teacher's Day that year gets the tenth bouquet of roses and the fifth with chrysanthemums. Is unlikely to give the teacher a symbol of love and passion, which is the rose. But white shrub chrysanthemum is a classic that will be appropriate in any occasion. These flowers at affordable price look impressive and long standing in the vase. This may also include and cloves, she is also a survivor in a cut.

The original bouquet can be presented if to give flowers in a pot - they will long to please the teacher. And if you give a wicker basket with a tightly lined with small pots burotime, petunias or Azalea, will be even better. Especially rejoice in such a gift the teachers who have plots.

Give something unusual, for example, alstromeria. She is very beautiful, but fall in a few days. Long live gerberas and roses. Russian roses are in a vase for almost a week, a foreigner can wither after 6 - 7 hours, and in the sun - after a couple of hours.

Select nice flowers

The flowers stood for a long time, you need to choose the latest: no dark stripes at the ends of the petals. The whole leaf should be bright green. Do not fall for the trick of the seller if you are offered tight rosebuds. It is possible that the flowers many days has lain in a cold place, and after half an hour wither. If you still want to buy roses, make sure that they did not have the spikes and superfluous twigs. According to the rules on the stem of the rose should not be more than three or four shoots with leaves, otherwise it will quickly wither.

How to preserve flowers

If you buy a bunch in advance - take and special additives to prolong life of cut flowers. They are selected individually for each flower and are a little. Another method to protect is processing a special varnish, which can be done by a florist. This will save the flowers from the sun, while the child is on the line.

Note: do not add water for flowers, sugar, and aspirin, because it is absolutely useless and does not extend the lives of plants. Pour in a vase lots of water and do not place it in draughts and in the sun - that's all that can be done for better preservation of the bouquet.

Buy flowers in advance

Not to stand in line for flowers 31 August order your bouquet in advance in the shop or florist in a flower shop. In principle, the products are the same everywhere. Besides, you can't just buy a bouquet and ask to do a theme song - interesting and stylish. By the way, it is now fashionable to give flowers without packaging, and cellophane has long been considered obsolete. The best decoration for the bouquet is considered the satin ribbon, gently wrapped around the stems and tied a beautiful bow.

It is important to consider the personality of the teacher

Female teacher aged well suitable bouquet or flower arrangement of dark shades. A young teacher present is not very large flowers in subtle tones. Teacher man is appropriate to give a vertical bouquet of a small amount of flowers or one large flower, carnations.

The number of colors

No matter how opposed connoisseurs of etiquette, but a persistent tradition to give odd number of flowers alive to this day. According to these rules one flower is a sign of attention, three or nine - to symbolize respect, five or seven talking about the Declaration of love. It is not customary to give a bouquet of thirteen flowers.