It is not necessary to give to the teacher on the day of birth

1) it is Not necessary to give to the teacher on birthday flowers. They are tired of them, because none of the knowledge Day and teacher's Day is not complete without numerous flowers.
2) candy or chocolate also not be impressed. because this stuff have teachers complete in all tables and cabinets, office and apartment.
3) Money is, of course, a good gift, but not in our case. It can be regarded as an attempt to bribe or to appease, and we don't need to spoil the mood and the relationship with the teacher.
4) a Bottle of liquor is also not the best solution for a school teacher.
5) Perfume or cosmetics. You should not rely on intuition and buy for the teacher such intimate gifts. To cater to the tastes is almost an impossible task, even if you are sure you know your teacher.

That should give the teacher a Birthday

1) it is very popular in lieu of flowers give bouquets of tea or coffee. Of course, soon this gift will be as banal as flowers and candy, but now as it is safely possible to buy a bouquet. In the basket your gift will be more expensive, but also look luxurious: a huge basket with a charming bow, inside of which an abundance of tea and coffee of different varieties.
2) Collage. Very well with your hands to make a collage of various magazine and newspaper clippings. Cut out lettering and pictures that you associate with goodness, love and positive, which gives children a teacher. All this is glued on a piece of paper, in the middle you can insert a photo of the lecturer, if you have one. Drawing paper is made in a frame and sealed. It will be a great memorable gift.
3) Made by hand crafts, sculpture or drawing. Of course, the gift should sign and put the date. This gift will keep your hands warm and leave for the rest of your life with love and gratitude.
4) Write for the teacher poem and arrange it nicely, you can in the card in the photo frame.
5) to Order for teacher's greetings in the newspaper or on the radio, the main thing is to arrange things so that she is sure have read or heard.
6) a Good gift would be an invitation to the theater or a certificate for a massage, sauna, Aqua Park and so on. Now the choice of such certificates is quite large, and among them to choose exactly what suits your wonderful teacher.
7) Not so common yet bouquets and baskets of fruit. This gift looks very impressive and beautiful, but the fruits are also useful and do not spoil the figure in contrast to the chocolate.