Retelling is not memorizing text, and the transfer of its substantive content. It's not a cram session may not be considered. Read the entire text two or three times. Retell it in Russian. Highlight it in a few sentences that best reflect the essence of the text. Ensure that they were not random passages. For this purpose, evaluate the text semantic integrity, I read it. In fact, you should get the same text, but smaller volume.
Select for retelling do you like the texts. If this is not possible, try to fall in love with the text that you got. Clarify all unknown words or idioms. Break some complex sentences into simpler, and then add to them the epithets, a few introductory words. Follow the correctness of the indirect speech in retelling it almost always present.
Divide the text into meaningful parts. Summarize each of the paragraphs. To gather them together when playing, try to remember which phrase ends the previous part and how the next begins. Imagine everything that happens in your text, even if it is a dry enumeration of facts. Visualize all the images, actions, and draw in the imagination of every detail: colors, emotions. Feel free to gesticulate slightly during the retelling.
Retell the text aloud. Two times is not enough. To memorize the text, retell it several times. Peeped into the crib, if you have forgotten a word or the beginning of the sentence, but do it smoothly. Don't be alarmed by long pauses, remembering what is on, otherwise to repeat really so nothing will succeed. Try not to rely on crib – replace the forgotten word with a synonym, and a sentence – in your own words.
Pause. Repeat the text a couple of hours, at night and in the morning. Between retellings try to ignore the text completely, to allow the information to settle and the brain to take a break. After each pause, first refresh the text in memory, running eyes, and then play.