You will need
  • A licensed version of Windows Vista
Minimize all programs and applications that you had open. Right-click the mouse on the desktop, select in context menu "Personalization".
Find the link "Change desktop icons" in the window user preferences. Go for it.
Refit the checkbox next to "recycle Bin" and click "OK" to restore the recycle bin.
You can also solve the problem some other way. Click "Start". Locate the "control Panel" and select "Personalization". Then go to "Change desktop icons". Clicking "Basket", click "OK".
Check whether you have eliminated the problem with the disappearance of the basket. If your desktop appears with the urn, you can easily switch to other things. In case, if the basket has not appeared as a result of all these actions, try another method.
Select "My computer" in the start menu. Locate the "folder options" in the "Service". Next go to the tab "View" and uncheck "Hide protected operating system files". At the time of the warning and click "Yes". Clicking "OK" close the dialog "folder options".
Find "Toolbar" in menu "View". Then click "standard buttons".
Drag the Basket on the Desk, finding it first in the list of "Folders". In the tab "View" then select the box next to "Hide protected operating system files". Press "OK".
Contact "support", if the above recommendations do not help you restore the recycle bin on the desktop. This item you can only use if you have a licensed version of the operating system Windows Vista.