You will need
  • - administrator rights.
Navigate to the directory of your game. To see where the hard drive kept the game, right click the mouse on the game shortcut on the desktop. Select "Properties". In the upper part of the window, find the path to the game files in the "Object". Follow the path in "Windows Explorer".
Explore folders games. Locate the folder with the name Save (Saving). It is in these folders the files are stored in which is recorded how many levels you passed, and how opportunities have developed your character in the game. Copy the entire Save folder to another partition of the hard drive. For example, create on drive D: folder "My games" and within that is a folder with the name of your game (in case if you will copy the save not one game).
Some games are constructed so that recording data is saved in the personal folder of the user. Open "My computer" and locate the folder private to the user. Enable in folder options ("Organize" — "folder Options and search") the display of hidden and system files. Now go to the hidden AppData folder then the Roaming folder. Now find the folder of your game, and inside it — the save data, and copy it to the prepared place.
After reinstalling the system, install the game again. Then copy Papa Save in the game folder, replacing existing files. Start the game and check your save. Thus it is possible to recover almost all games. If you have any trouble finding the folder where the game saves your progress in the game, please refer to the information at thematic forums. You can also just reinstall the whole game, and the preservation to find on the Internet. Often users of different games spread their conservation. Exactly the same file not found, however, approximately to the passed point can be closer, to not lose interest in the game.