Find pictures of animalsthat you want to mold. You will need an image of the character in full face and profile. Print these photos. They will serve you a hint during operation.
Measure with a ruler and calculate the proportions of all parts of the animal body. These parameters must be met if you want to make a realistic figure. In the case of cartoon characters and the styling you can do an approximate understanding of the size of the animal.
Prepare material modeling. Thoroughly knead the clay in his hands, forcefully throw it on the table to remove from the mass of air bubbles. If you skip this stage, the toy may crack during drying. Separate a small portion of clay, wrap the rest with a damp cloth and put in a bowl.
The figure can be folded from separate parts or "pulling" the legs, tail, head one solid piece. The second option is suitable for small figures. Modeling every element of your small sculptures that refer to photography and the calculated dimensions. If you create a whole animal from separate fragments, first vilaite them in the form of geometric shapes. Paws and tails can be done with cylinders, head, ball, etc. then with your fingers, and stack specify the outlines of the elements.
Finished parts connect. Try as possible to stick their wet fingers. If necessary, can be put between a thin layer of clay, and then to disguise its boundaries. After Assembly, restore the shape of the crumpled parts, and using a toothpick, draw small details.
The finished product leave to dry in a shaded place. Do not put clay next to the battery, under the air conditioner, the draft material should not experience temperature differential. A week later, the toy can be baked.
Ideally, the clay must be baked in a muffle furnace. You can look for such workshops, perhaps for a fee they would agree to bake a batch of modelled animals. At home use the oven. Put figure, keep the door ajar. Gradually raise the temperature in the oven. In two hours she needs to reach 200°. Then clay should gradually cool off. After this hack you can get and paint with acrylic paints.