You will need
  • bath with water spray
The concept of "dirty parrot" is quite extensive. Sometimes the owners are trying to atone for Pets for the reason that in the area of the tail in birds is accumulating wastes. As it would seem unnatural, but here we are talking about the cleanliness of the bird. In some cases, the birds are washed by the same principle as the cat, removing the dirt with his beak. However, sometimes, especially when the bird has the ability to move freely around the apartment, a chance to get into the substance, which must be washed away, increase. So to avoid wash just is not possible. Known cases when parrots bathed in a Cup of flour, dirty vegetable oil and other substances, which the hostess did not have time to clear the table.
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Many owners make the mistake of trying to redeem the parrot immediately after its acquisition. While forgetting that the bird is experiencing stress from acclimation and still not used to the new owners. In this case it is better to accept espacenet parrot at least for a couple of weeks, after which it will get used to the new owners.
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Wash parrots in two ways. If the bird likes the water, it is only necessary to put to him a small form of liquid. In order to attract parrots, can be put in the tub and his favorite toy. In nature birds bathe in the dew under the leaves, so you can offer a parrot salad leaves moistened with water. In cases where a parrot refuses to bathe, wash it with a regular spray gun. The same apparatus is used when it is necessary to take care of it. The content of the composition for spraying will be able to tell the vet.
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