You will need
  • -survey;
  • -blood and urine;
  • -Ultrasound diagnostics;
  • -consultation of the urologist.
In kidney disease may indicate not only back pain, but also reduced the number of detachable urine, when urinating may have pain or cramps. In the morning may be swelling of the face and bags under the eyes. In connection with the deterioration of the outflow of urine appears General weakness and the presence of intoxication. May also increase or carry unstable body temperature.
In some cases in the urine there is a haze, sand or blood. Due to the poor cleaning function can manifest themselves in blurred vision, skin rash, poor appetite and other unpleasant symptoms.
If back pain to determine what is exactly bothering the kidneys can be at rest. When degenerative disc disease pain occurs with movement and at diseases of kidneys, mostly during rest and at night.
If you suspect kidney disease need to consult a urologist and get a full examination, which includes urinalysis, blood analysis, ultrasound diagnostics. Often survey data is enough to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe treatment. In some cases, the urologist may refer the patient for additional consultation and examination to the doctor-oncologist and nephrologist.
The most important function that is performed by the kidneys of any person is the formation of urine and elimination of all poisons and toxins from the body. Therefore, if the function is impaired or is insufficient, is a sense not only of General weakness and malaise, and a sense of poisoning of the organism.
Kidney diseases are divided into several classifications and can be caused by inflammation, impaired function due to changes in structure due to one reason or another, the presence of sand and stones, and congenital or acquired pathologies. All diseases are serious and require immediate outpatient treatment or hospitalization. Therefore, when any of the above symptoms you should immediately consult a doctor.