Identify the main areas of work: age range of pupils abilities (spoken language, business sector, and methods of teaching, mode of operation and pricing based on market conditions.
Person and the key to a good reputation of your organization will be the teaching staff. They should all be licensed professionals with experience of at least 3-5 years. It can be Russian-speaking teachers or native English language, living in Russia. Pay special attention to the issue of squeak applicants. The selection should be entrusted to a person who qualified to assess the professional level of applicants.
The size of the room, where lessons will be conducted depends on the number of students in the language groups. The average class is equipped with 10 people. You will need comfortable tables and chairs. To save space, you can use a office chair with built-in stand for letters. You will also need additional space for administrative purposes and rest of the staff. The interior should be calm, pleasant, preferably with elements relating to England and English speaking countries. Take care of good lighting, since most classes are held in the evening.
The provision of additional services beneficial to distinguish you from your competitors. You can hold club nights with a discussion of certain conversational topics, for tea, or to organise film screenings in English with the teacher's comment. This will help to attract a different category of clients not enrolled in courses, but those wishing to improve their language skills.
The best advertisement for language courses is a good reputation, which is acquired more than one year. To attract customers you can use the distribution of flyers in the area of location of your office. You will also need a website. Besides the basic information about classes, schedule, prices and contact details, is to post useful materials for English language learners, for example, in linguistics, and area studies.
Work is possible on the basis of franchising with a well-known chain of schools of foreign languages. In this case you will reduce the risks of creating a business from scratch. The franchisor will provide Advisory services management training centre, hire qualified teachers, arrange for training if necessary, provide methodological and promotional materials. In this case, the franchisee undertakes to comply with the standards used by the brand.