To apply henna is not difficult. In contrast to conventional inks, which are independently applied to the hair difficult, with henna, you can dye it at home without assistance at any time. It is possible to consider this procedure restorative therapies for hair as it strengthens and revitalizes them.
Prepare rubber gloves, going to paint the hair. Working with henna with your bare hands, you'll paint along the skin of the hands and nails. Also prepare an old towel that is not a pity to dirty, a brush, a plastic bowl.
Henna prepare as follows: pour the contents of the sachets into a bowl. For short hair enough 100-250 g, to long, to 500 g. Pour the henna powder with boiling water to obtain a homogeneous mass of the consistency of sour cream. Hot henna pour a few drops of essential oil of lavender or bergamot (to enhance color and Shine to the hair). Wait for 5-10 minutes to cool slightly mixture. Proceed to apply henna on hair while it is still hot so that the painting was more effective.
Apply henna to clean, wet hair to her pigments to better absorb into their structure. To paint is convenient to use a brush, you can also apply henna on hand, gaining a little bit of dye and oiling them the roots of the hair, and then distributing it on all length. Henna should lie on the thick layer of hair so the color will be richer. After the entire composition is sprayed onto the hair, massage well them to paint over each strand.
After application, the hair should be twisted into a bun and wrap first with plastic wrap and then a towel to keep warm. Painting the time - from 30 minutes to 2 hours, it depends on what color you want to. The longer the henna is on the hair, the darker the tint.
Henna hard hair washed away, as its consistency is not uniform. Conveniently rinse out hair, gaining water in the basin. After you wash away the henna on the hair to apply the conditioner that you usually use and after 3 minutes, wash it off. This will detangle and strengthen the henna in the hair.