If the dpi is set by the manufacturer, the speed of movement of the cursor on the screen can be changed in the Windows settings. Typically, users increase the speed move the cursor to with a weak movement of the mouse cursor passed quite a large distance, or Vice versa, when the mouse pointer moves too fast at the slightest touch of the mouse makes it difficult to focus on a specific object on the screen.
Open "control Panel" located in the main start menu or in the system folder "My computer". If necessary, switch the viewing mode to "Small icons" (top right) in the control panel and locate the shortcut to "Mouse". Click on it with the left button of the mouse.You will see a small window called "properties of: Mouse".
In the properties window select the tab "pointer Options" with the left button of the mouse. Here you will see the section "Moving". In it, you can set the speed of movement of the pointer (arrow cursor) with the slider.The default for standard speed slider needs to be moved to the middle. Also tick the "Enable high precision of the installation pointer". After the necessary changes, click "Apply" and check whether you are satisfied with the new speed of the cursor. If not, continue to change the position of the slider and again click "Apply".Once the optimal speed is configured, click “OK” and close control panel.