You will need
  • Paper, pen.
Realize that you are jealous. Just admit to yourself. Learn each time to notice how the feeling of envy comes to you and how exciting for you. But not to mercilessly scold yourself, but in order to get rid of this feeling.
Take this feeling: "Yes, I'm jealous". Person has different qualities, and which he manifests in the moment, depends on the situation and his life attitudes and "inhibitions" (let's call them problems). When you take a sense of envy arising in the moment, you will feel like will be easier. You no longer spend their vitality resistance.
Now work with the cause of envy. To do this, take a sheet of paper and a pen. Consistently write down questions and answer them. In answer, listen to yourself.

Example: friend X wanted to go to Italy. It seemed unreal, but she believed in the dream and he kept learning the Italian language. A few years later, she is happily married to an Italian and went to Italy.

Specify your envy. Girlfriend got what she wanted, she stubbornly went to the goal. But I can't.

Now print the questions for yourself, which follow from your envy. And what I want? Why do I want this? What I do for this? What I do for this? What bothers me?

Write questions and answer them until then, until there is not a single outstanding moment. Envy helps to live consciously.
If envy is bordered with aggression, its roots may lie very deep in your childhood. They can so cleverly disguise that, having reached them, you can experience the wonder. But you'll understand why and you will be easier to proceed.
Work with reasons of jealousy. If it's the emotions that you have closed yourself, experience them, accept them in yourself. Then when we split them, give thanks for what they have been with you, and drop them. "Thank you, now I have completely survived(a), I don't need you". You can do it on the roof of the house on the mountain in meditation – wherever they may go free from you.
Envy makes your emotions uncontrollable and destructive. Do something that will be stronger in emotional impact. This can be a sport, book, film. Meet good friends, take a fascinating trip, make something extraordinary.