We are not even aware that the object of envy sometimes gladly would have changed places with us. The coin has two sides. A good position is always associated with much greater responsibility, beauty does not guarantee happiness. Often remember the saying "it is Good there where we are not."
Stop trying to endlessly compare themselves with others. Much more useful sravnenie "self-in-past" and "self-in-present". So you can assume the solution to your problems.
Remember, where are the origins of your envy. Do you think that parents owe you something? Or that you have missed the good moment in your life? Forgive yourself and family for it, and start with a clean slate.
Think about whether you really need what you are so desperately envious? Why do you want it? Look for the root cause of your envy. Then one day you will forever be free from it.
Rather than complain about the success your friends, start living your own life, using available you opportunities.
Take care and appreciate what you have. In the world there are many people who live much worse than you. And they are not always desperate or jealous of others. It is sometimes useful to imagine what life would be like without familiar things without the people you love. It is at once sobering and desire to envy disappears by itself.
Jealousy is not always destructive. It can be an incentive to achieve greater success. The main thing is to direct your thoughts in a constructive way. Think that helped the person you are jealous of to achieve success. Make a plan of what you want to in the next three to five years, and move to your goal, not getting distracted more the envy. Develop the ability to truly enjoy their success and the success of others - and life will sparkle with new colors.