First you will watch for the "Demon of comparisons". He asks everyone the same question: "And why should they be better than you?". Do not even try to answer this question, turn it over: "so be it, but who said that you should not be better than them?". Be sure to understand what you are comparing. Who? With whom? What exactly is better? Weapon against this demon – specifics. Envy – the feeling is very specific, it is aimed at specific people and specific things. Take a sheet of paper. Write who you are jealous that you envy. Take a red pencil, think, select the main object - the strongest envy. Here with her and have to fight. For the moment, just with her. A good start, specific.
When you highlight its major envy, you will feel close with me "the Demon trade," which will spreads his arms: "I'm Afraid you get nothing for your efforts... it's worth It?". To defeat this demon accountant can only the prospect of profit. Imagine yourself showcase: envy is not profitable, you remove it with Windows, but instead you have this place to put something else best for you personally. Than you can replace their biggest envy? Take a sheet of paper and make a list of possible options. Note that you could do for yourself. Something very specific that would make you a little happier.
With this list you will appear before the "Demon of justice". He's all fluffy and softly: "Do you yourself, voluntarily, give them what is yours by right? You're right, nobody will listen! Justice starts with ourselves - take from them what belongs to you!" To defeat this demon is the hardest, it is important for you not to succumb to provocations. In the end, you want to be right or do you want to be happy?