A prank with a mannequin. You can play your neighbor in the Dorm or a friend who is in your party. In his eyes you sit on the window sill. At the moment when the "victim" of the drawing is distracted, you quickly hide or run out of the room. While your helper puts on the street under the window stuffed with clothes, as you (can fill the clothes with paper) and under stuffed bags plywood the color of the soil with a painted pool of blood. Then the assistant raises the panic supposedly crashed you and screams "victim" to look out and down to help you, if possible. When the "victim" leaves the room, you climb back on the window sill, and your assistant, meanwhile, removes stuffed. Your friend goes outside, he said that the body was removed. Looking back, the "victim" sees you on the spot, as if nothing had happened. From this extreme the draw effect is just "killer".
Drawing in the subway. Comes at the station the young man. The train is moving. After a while the guy approaches the call button of the driver, pretending that he pushes her and shouts into the microphone: "a coke and a cheeseburger in a car." The car number is usually written at the button. At the next station comes the man with the "ordering", gives it, gets the money and leaves. Snack, "the Joker" again "clicks" the call button of the driver and said: "Until the end, please stop". The reaction of the passengers will not have to wait long.
A sobriety test. In the company on a noisy street two argue, one of them sober. One of them is "victim", and the second by the draw. By tying the debate: "Who will make smooth swallow, and sober!". Next comes the attempt to "victims" of the drawing to make the figure. After its execution, the object of the drawing say that he is absolutely drunk. Puzzled exclamations of the man, lost the argument, are stopped by the simple phrase: "a Sober person would not do this in such a public place".
Another banal school funny – while the teacher is not in class, RUB the blackboard with soap. To write it is impossible.