Advice 1: Any gas meter it is better to install

The choice of the gas meter primarily depends on the number of gas appliances you use. The amount of gas that the meter is able to measure, specified in the passport of the product.
Any gas meter it is better to install
To solve the question of what the gas meter is better to set need to know where it needs to be installed in the apartment, private house (cottage, summer cottage) or on the street. There are many varieties of them (membrane, electric, rotary, volumetric). The cost varies (approximately) from 30 to 300 dollars.

Gas meter for apartment

Here used for the installation of gas meters without termoconductor. Use membrane, electronic, and rotational counters. Their advantages and disadvantages can be viewed in the technical descriptions.
To choose a particular brand, you need to decide the following questions:
- the maximum volume of the consumed gas;
- place of installation of the meter;
- compactness and noise level;
- calibration interval;
- reliability and price.
If the apartment is equipped with gas stove and column, it is better to install the electronic or rotary meter.
If you use individual heating system, you can set either volumetric or rotary or electronic counter.

The gas meter for the house (cottage, summer cottage)

Please define:
the total number of users and the maximum volume of the consumed gas;
- place of installation of the meter;
- the presence of termoconductor;
- compactness and noise level;
- calibration interval;
- reliability and price.
When using individual heating system, can be used as volumetric rotary or electronic counter.
If in a private house (cottage, summer cottage ) there is only a gas stove or column, then the correct solution is to use an electronic or rotation counter.

Gas meter to be installed outdoors

It is necessary to:
- calculate the total number of users and the maximum volume of the consumed gas;
- the presence of termoconductor (will be changed the cost of gas);
- take into account the temperature (in winter the outdoor temperature can reach - 30 degrees C and more, which will affect the error of the instrument);
- the installation of the counter in the open air or in a protective case (to be used on the streets counters rotary, volumetric and electronic).

The choice between mechanical and electronic meter

Mechanical gas meter has a small cost, is simple in construction and reliable, but is noisy work.
Electronic counter is used inside and outside. It features high measurement accuracy, silent operation and small dimensions. Works steadily at low temperatures. Enables connection of equipment for diagnostics and information transfer to digital media. The price is higher than the mechanical counter.
Considering all the factors set forth here, everyone decides for himself what kind of gas meter to choose. The necessary coordination of this question with the specialists of gas service.

Advice 2: How to install a gas meter

Measurement of the consumed gas, as is known, can reduce monthly spending on utilities. After all, if the counter in apartment building or not, to pay the same rate for the amount of gas, which according to statistics, consumes one person for the aforesaid period. To install gas meter and accurately measure your own appetite in consumption of this resource, you need to do a few simple operations.
How to install a gas meter
You will need
  • 1. Application for receiving technical conditions "
  • 2. The project of gasification of your house or apartment
  • 3. Counter corresponding to the "technical conditions"
  • 4. Prepared by the workers of the gas service passport counter
  • 5. Sealing of gas meters the gas service workers
  • 6. Help of gas service to ERKC at your place of stay
Write an application to gas service, specifying therein the full name, place of your registration and mailing address where you would like to install a gas meter. Shortly thereafter you will come to master. He will inspect gas appliances in your home or apartment and say, what kind of counter is needed. "Technical conditions", notwithstanding that the wizard will allow you to perform the project – typically, this work also carries out the gas service.
Purchase of gas in accordance with the "technical conditions". Gas meters (designed for residential houses and apartments) differ from each other primarily "nominal value" – the amount of energy that they are capable of transmitting per unit time. For apartment, equipped only with a gas hob, fit a device that passes two and a half cubic meters of gas per hour.
Contact the gas company again – there will be account after payment of which the master will arrive a second time and install the purchased gas meter. Immediately after installation of the appliance it will be necessary to issue him a passport. Sometimes the mark it puts in place the same master, sometimes it is necessary to specifically contact one of the departments of gas service.
Apply for the sealing of your household gas meter on the same gas service – its staff will seal a newly installed meter, and you will be given a certificate. Presenting the document in a single cash settlement center of the residence, you will pay for gas under the new system, independently taking readings from the meter.
Useful advice
In the process of installation of the meter will be tested already existing documents on your gas equipment (passport, gasification project) – to avoid trouble, it is better to put them in order.

The installation of the gas meter is dangerous – do not attempt to mount the device on your own, it contradicts not only the requirements of the gas service, but, often, common sense.

Advice 3: How to choose gas meter

Currently on the market a lot of gas counters. Choose from all that is presented, is quite difficult. Popular diaphragm, rotary and turbine gas meters. In the domestic sector has spread diaphragm meters.
How to choose gas meter
If you need to purchase a gas meter, refer to buy are not cheap, and quality. If you get a bad counter, then problems may arise, namely: inaccurate accounting, short term service, a short calibration interval.
The modern diaphragm meter should be consistently accurate in calibration interval. Pressure loss of the gas should be minimal. It usually is protected from unauthorized interference. A good counter is 20 or more years.
At face value will be defined, what quantity of gas the meter may change. For example, the G 1,6 – bandwidth from 1.6 to 2.5 cubic meters of gasG 2,5 – bandwidth from 2.5 to 4.0 cubic meters of gas. If you have in-house two-ring gas stove, you can use the counter of 1.6 G as the flow rate of the gas stove is not more than 1 cubic meters of gas per hour. If there is also a gas heater, it is best to set the meter G 2.5. In some homes, there are additional gas appliances, for example, boilers. Be sure to note their consumption. View this information in the passport which is attached for each equipment. In the end, you can easily calculate the total gas consumption. After that, you can proceed to the choice of the counter.
The installation of the counter can produce only by certified professionals. In order to obtain permission to use the gas meter, it is necessary to observe quite a lot of strict rules. It is also worth noting that each model of the gas meter has certain characteristics when mounting. For the installation of a counter, select a proven company. Only experienced professionals can perform correct installation.

Advice 4: How to see the counter

The question of payment for the consumed energy concerned citizens every year more and more. This is understandable, because the price of electricity, water and fluids are growing. To properly pay slips, utilities, need to know how to calculate the payment amount. It depends on the readings of your counters for light, water, gas.
How to see the counter
Today, many residents of cities, villages and other settlements put counters on heat transfer fluids, water, electricity. Some people manage to save the expense of that up to a third of the rent.But in order to achieve such savings, first of all, you will have to fork out for the purchase of meters, installation, sealing. In addition, the set should only those counters that have passed the appropriate standardization. There are special lists. And the installation of meters may lead to considerable costs, not only material but also moral.
We should also say that the installation of counters on heat transfer fluids (heating) in an apartment building is usually on a porch, because the counter counts the passage of coolant for a direct and return pipe. And the risers of these pipes shared by the whole staircase. It turns out that the exact calculation of the coolant in this case it is possible to speak only if all the neighbors are fairly paid for providing heat.
Installation of separate electricity meter – the event is less troublesome, but also has its own characteristics. The fact that modern meters have increased sensitivity and allow for even the LEDs mounted in the backlight of the television equipment. Also, by selecting such a counter, you should write a letter to the utilities of your home on the intention to pay over the counter.
Usually on the front counter there is a window in which is located the scale of the display. It is a series of squares with numbers. When completing the payment should be recorded in the column "Last counter" all the figures that shows the scale indication. Then subtract from this number of readings the last month. The difference is the amount for which you will have to pay.
If you have not changed the meter for a new one, you will be charged the average amount of electricity consumed, based on the number registered in the apartment of a family member. Sometimes, to pay an average calculation is much more profitable than on individual meter readings.

Advice 5: What heating system is better in a private home

Heating of a private house has many different options. You need to take into account all the characteristics of each type for correct selection and making the most profitable decisions.
heating of a private house
First you need to decide what type of fuel will be used in the operation of the heating system of a private house. It can be natural gas, electricity, coal, fuel briquettes or even wood. Probably, in Russia already there are few places, not have access to electricity and gas networks, so the heating furnace can not be considered as a relevant option. Currently mainly use two types of fuel - gas and electricity - and there are different ways of applying for home heating.
In the presence of the gas distribution network in the vicinity of the device housing the gas heating is still considered the most reliable and stable. Unlike electrical systems, the presence of a gas boiler in the house allows you to have constant heating of the room, not depending on possible power outages. A high heat transfer coefficient coupled with the relatively low cost of gas compared to other fuels allow this type of heating to lead by a wide margin.
gas heating
Electric heating can be represented by different types of equipment. Electric boilers, convectors, fan heaters, oil heaters, infrared heaters all of these devices provide heat in private households, serving as a good alternative to gas heating. In this case, it is necessary to remember about considerable load on the electrical network, so the wiring in the house needs to be powerful and to be in good condition. The downside of electric heating system is the great energy consumption that will lead to significant costs.
In recent years, gaining a lot of popularity heating system called "warm floor". This option involves placing heating equipment in the lower area of the room, directly in the plane of the floor. Warm floors are water, electric and infrared. This type of heating is good because heat is distributed evenly throughout the room, lifting up. In a private house warm floor of the room is well protected from the cold, which comes from the earth. The most modern system of heating - geothermal, is still not popular among the population. This is due to the high cost of equipment (solar panels, wind turbines and other devices), which is used to obtain the energy of nature.
warm floor
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