Advice 1: Any gas meter it is better to install

The choice of the gas meter primarily depends on the number of gas appliances you use. The amount of gas that the meter is able to measure, specified in the passport of the product.
Any gas meter it is better to install
To solve the question of what the gas meter is better to set need to know where it needs to be installed in the apartment, private house (cottage, summer cottage) or on the street. There are many varieties of them (membrane, electric, rotary, volumetric). The cost varies (approximately) from 30 to 300 dollars.

Gas meter for apartment

Here used for the installation of gas meters without termoconductor. Use membrane, electronic, and rotational counters. Their advantages and disadvantages can be viewed in the technical descriptions.
To choose a particular brand, you need to decide the following questions:
- the maximum volume of the consumed gas;
- place of installation of the meter;
- compactness and noise level;
- calibration interval;
- reliability and price.
If the apartment is equipped with gas stove and column, it is better to install the electronic or rotary meter.
If you use individual heating system, you can set either volumetric or rotary or electronic counter.

The gas meter for the house (cottage, summer cottage)

Please define:
the total number of users and the maximum volume of the consumed gas;
- place of installation of the meter;
- the presence of termoconductor;
- compactness and noise level;
- calibration interval;
- reliability and price.
When using individual heating system, can be used as volumetric rotary or electronic counter.
If in a private house (cottage, summer cottage ) there is only a gas stove or column, then the correct solution is to use an electronic or rotation counter.

Gas meter to be installed outdoors

It is necessary to:
- calculate the total number of users and the maximum volume of the consumed gas;
- the presence of termoconductor (will be changed the cost of gas);
- take into account the temperature (in winter the outdoor temperature can reach - 30 degrees C and more, which will affect the error of the instrument);
- the installation of the counter in the open air or in a protective case (to be used on the streets counters rotary, volumetric and electronic).

The choice between mechanical and electronic meter

Mechanical gas meter has a small cost, is simple in construction and reliable, but is noisy work.
Electronic counter is used inside and outside. It features high measurement accuracy, silent operation and small dimensions. Works steadily at low temperatures. Enables connection of equipment for diagnostics and information transfer to digital media. The price is higher than the mechanical counter.
Considering all the factors set forth here, everyone decides for himself what kind of gas meter to choose. The necessary coordination of this question with the specialists of gas service.

Advice 2 : How to choose gas meter

Currently on the market a lot of gas counters. Choose from all that is presented, is quite difficult. Popular diaphragm, rotary and turbine gas meters. In the domestic sector has spread diaphragm meters.
How to choose gas meter
If you need to purchase a gas meter, refer to buy are not cheap, and quality. If you get a bad counter, then problems may arise, namely: inaccurate accounting, short term service, a short calibration interval.
The modern diaphragm meter should be consistently accurate in calibration interval. Pressure loss of the gas should be minimal. It usually is protected from unauthorized interference. A good counter is 20 or more years.
At face value will be defined, what quantity of gas the meter may change. For example, the G 1,6 – bandwidth from 1.6 to 2.5 cubic meters of gasG 2,5 – bandwidth from 2.5 to 4.0 cubic meters of gas. If you have in-house two-ring gas stove, you can use the counter of 1.6 G as the flow rate of the gas stove is not more than 1 cubic meters of gas per hour. If there is also a gas heater, it is best to set the meter G 2.5. In some homes, there are additional gas appliances, for example, boilers. Be sure to note their consumption. View this information in the passport which is attached for each equipment. In the end, you can easily calculate the total gas consumption. After that, you can proceed to the choice of the counter.
The installation of the counter can produce only by certified professionals. In order to obtain permission to use the gas meter, it is necessary to observe quite a lot of strict rules. It is also worth noting that each model of the gas meter has certain characteristics when mounting. For the installation of a counter, select a proven company. Only experienced professionals can perform correct installation.
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