Advice 1: How to surprise his wife

The fairer sex always enjoys gifts and pleasant surprises that presented favorite men. It doesn't have to be jewelry, attention and tenderness from a loved person is valued no less. The honeymoon period of your relationship should last the whole family life.
How to surprise his wife
You will need
  • - tickets to all performances in the city;
  • - restaurant reservations;
  • - flowers.
Get in the habit of sending his wife messages with words of love. The woman is especially nice to get a passionate message and boasting about them to your friends. Put a little card with a nice picture in the pocket of her clothes, so she found her and touched remembering you.
On a postcard write the name of the cafe or restaurant where you have pre-booked a table for the evening. It will be a very pleasant surprise. But if you'll take her to the Mall for a new dress, the joy of the couple. Do not sit, as usual, in the car, when it becomes to try on clothes.
Be with her and praise every show, but highlight a costume that you will seem stunning. A day of surprises require you to have certain costs, but they will be repaid with love and affection, which will grant you a wife by night.
Go in lingerie store, buy your favorite gorgeous set and a belt with stockings. Don't forget to look in on her in the dressing room and passionately kiss.... If she wants to buy a new pair of sandals along with heels, and do not deny this – to walk so to walk!
During the candlelight dinner can't stop looking at the couple of lovers eyes, flirt, dance, enjoy the company of each other and the environment.
Mostly SMD surprise you can arrange a revival in the colors – in the morning put my wife on the pillow bouquet with a love note. Or go for it to work, so during the break to take a walk in the Park, eating ice cream and holding hands.
Arrange with a local artist to write a portrait of your spouse. To do this, select the best photos to the picture was a surprise, or invite her to pose in the Studio. To arrange a photo session for you two to your pair filmed everywhere you go.
Find out what's happening in your town. New films and plays, concerts and performances, exhibitions and shows – all this will be a great surprise to his wife. Visit the ceremony of tea, or enjoy a flight over the city by helicopter, fill the bathtub with champagne and rose petals or sing a Serenade under the Windows of your apartment.
Any manifestation of your love will be nice to you and wifewill strengthen your happy marriage and make life brighter.

Advice 2: How to make a surprise

When you start to talk about the surprisee, it means that someone will soon be a holiday, joy, or good news. Surprise like fireworks, always implies something nice, and most importantly unexpected, and that makes this word so-called. A pleasant surprise makes us smile, show interest and be happy.
How to make a surprise
Surprise can serve not only voskliknula out of the darkness happy friends and colleagues, but also they can be an exclusive gift, an unusual word or sentence, meeting, gesture and more.
If you decide to make a surprise as a gift, then be sure to prepare yourself and think about everything in advance. The gift should be individual, not worth buying things of universal use (for example, the mother on the birthday of pan or cloth). To react violently, people will be able to the thing related to his interests and Hobbies. Now interesting can make even ordinary things, like a Cup, having made it with a photo of the future owner. But if you into his extraordinary gift will add a festive scenario, it is guaranteed success in the production of surprise.
Surprises can be not just gifts, but also actions. Greetings in the form lined with candles or a bouquet of balloons. In addition, these small paper balloons with the base of the burner, called by the Chinese "sky lanterns", also good. When the ball is heated, it rises and becomes flying and twinkling. Fantasize and write on it with a marker a wish or a confession. Especially it will be remembered, if you release a bunch of these lanterns into the night sky.
To collect all guests and colleagues - it's standard. Try a day of surprise to stand out and make an impression with their speech, for example, sing a song or read a poem. Even pre-worded compliment, or a toast from the heart may be the culmination of your surprise.

Advice 3: How to surprise a guy

Love, care, tenderness wonderful feelings. And when a woman truly loves, she tries to show this feeling to the fullest. And what could be better than the surprise for her beloved boyfriend?
Be original, for coming up with boyfriend a surprise
Think first what at the moment can deliver your loved one the maximum pleasure? It could even be that your sudden appearance at work loved to take him to dinner in some romantic place. This event will surely bring your kid lots of positive feelings, not to mention his pride in front of colleagues.
If you sit at home together, make your loved surprise becomes much easier. Cook him his favorite dish, surprise sensual Striptease or a passionate night in bed with a stunning prelude. But if you visit the Muse, write your sweetheart a poem and throw it in an envelope in the mailbox. Send the guy to check his email – he will be very pleasantly surprised.
If you bought your boyfriend a gift and want to present it in an original way, try out the following tips.
If the gift is small, attach in any way it on the body, and the top fit loose robe. Wait for the right time and open your coat, presenting his gift. And for dessert, give the guy myself. It will be memorable surprise.
The second theme is not new, but is still the place to be. Place throughout the apartment messages containing clues. These clues should eventually lead the boy to the present. And for variety and romance provide some of the messages are sensual poems or declarations of love.
And the third method may be discouraging (in a good way) any man. Get a big box, for example, refrigerator or washing machine. Outside the box glue a beautiful paper, optional attach to it your most romantic picture together. Tie a ribbon, write a note, attach it to the box in a prominent place and hide inside along with the gift. For greater effect, get some balloons with helium or a firecracker. When your beloved comes home to see a box and try to open it, to his surprise and delight would be no limit. Imagine dropping you off this box, then release the balloons or confetti of firecrackers and give the guy a gift with tender words, a kiss and a hug. Such long forgotten.

Advice 4: What surprises you can find under the door and what to do with them

If you find yourself under the door pin, egg, black feathers, land or any other suspicious things against you sent to someone's magical manipulation. Superstitious people such "surprises" are called lining.
What surprises you can find under the door and what to do with them

The lining may be located not only near the front door. They can be any of the things, suddenly found on the street or in the apartment. Very often, to put a curse likewise use metal things: pins, needles, nails, pins, etc. Sometimes charmed needles quietly plugging in the door openings, and pins in clothes. Nails hammered into the door or throw. Sometimes metal objects wrapped thread, making a hex on them. Such pads have not considered esoteric even the most terrible, as their impact is not too strong.

Second place by frequency of use is salt and earth. Salt is a powerful accumulator of energy, it spiked to cause discord in the family and illness. The earth taken from the cemetery and placed with the wish of death to the recipient of the surprise. In some cases, salt and ground can detect not only the threshold but also in the apartment, for example, under the Mat. Sometimes they even rubbed into the cracks and doorways.

On the third place by frequency of use are feathers, dead flies and other insects. The feathers are laid to cause poor sleep the victim, lice – disease. The apartment normally, all this is not recorded, but left on the doorstep, with the expectation that the victim will step on the lining.

The most terrible of all things mystical, superstitious people considered the egg. There is a perception that anyone who touches him will die soon - no later than 4 days.

There are options, not aimed at a specific victim. They may be money or other items left on the street. Thus, disease of the witches transferred to other people. Those who believe in superstition, afraid to raise orphan bills, so as not to take hex's disease.

At crossroads, you sometimes also leave a variety of things: coins, thread, shoes, a handful of stones, etc. Through them it is enough just to step over to the witchcraft worked.

How to protect yourself from the negative effects of underlayers? The most obvious way – disbelief in magic and all that goes with it. However, if this belief is present, you need to be careful not to touch suspicious things with his bare hands, not to step through them. If you find something in my apartment or under the door, put on gloves, grab a broom and dustpan, sweep up the lining, take him away from the house and burn it. It is advisable to burn everything that was in contact with the magical object, such as a broom and dustpan. You can read the prayer.

Advice 5: How to make a surprise for your girlfriend

Love... what could be better? This inspired feeling, the desire to do something extraordinary for the happy smile of a loved one. And something to hide – a simple but unexpected surprise sometimes encouraged more than planned, expensive gift.
How to make a surprise for your girlfriend
Men often wonder what to give to your beloved? The problem is that the girls live by emotions, and an unexpected surprise that caused the joy, interest, or even fear, will be remembered much stronger than a simple gift in a beautiful package.

How to surprise your beloved

The easiest option of surprise is to order flowers. But not just any home, and to her place of work or place of study. The surprise and the joy of an unexpected bouquet with a gentle message inside will be much stronger if it happens in front of other people.

Instead of the banal flowers on a date, take with them a mysterious box with a beautiful bow on top. She will break your head – what's in it. And here the plot thickens, you are allowed to open the lid... and fly butterfly. The first fright from the sudden effect is guaranteed to be replaced by a happy smile, only to find out in advance – not afraid if the girl.

You can negotiate with the parents of the girl come as her not home and hide the gift in her room – a Teddy bear on a shelf in the closet, a nice message on the computer monitor or her favorite candy under my pillow. Let the gift itself rather banal, but his pitch definitely she'll love and remember.

If you already live together, and the feelings have died down a bit, it's time to ignite them again! Print pre-photos where you are together happy laughing or kissing, buy a dozen balloons with helium. While your girl is sleeping, attach one photo to the ball and release at the ceiling. It is important that the ribbon was long enough and the photos at eye level.

Another standard, but at least a welcome idea – a romantic dinner. Meet your favorite delicious dinner, glasses with wine and gloom. Let the candles everywhere and the room filled with the sounds of a beautiful melody or a song that means a lot for you two.

If this dinner your girl is not to impress – why not arrange dinner on the roof? Or on the shore of the pond. Or in the Park. Turn on the imagination. And you can send her a card on which a cross will be indicated where she should come.

To make nice – not as difficult as it seems

All girls are different, like that one, may alienate another. And your the girl no one knows so well as you do. So first of all sit down and think what you like favorite, as she has repeatedly hinted at her burning eyes or of what she described in her dreams. This will be the impetus. Will just have to come up – as it is beautifully presented. The most important thing is emotion.

Advice 6: How to surprise friend on birthday

Birthday — is a holiday that can be very different. If in his childhood he has always been associated with fun, growing up, people lose interest. But you can always prepare a birthday surprise that will be remembered for years to come.
How to surprise friend on birthday
It is important not just to give the girlfriend something, but to create an atmosphere of celebration and joy. For each person their will be a pleasant surprise. To begin, decide what you like the girl, what she had long dreamed of.

Unusual adventures

Today, in the form of congratulations can be present for some adventure. All depends on how busy of a friend and financial possibilities of the organizer. For example, you can pay for the parachute jump. It is important not only to give the certificate, namely, to take the girl to the airfield. But don't tell about what is happening and warn that the sports suit will be appropriate.

You can also give the gift of kayaking on the river, up into the mountains with an instructor, or even scuba diving. It won't take more than 2-3 days. The longer the gift is in the journey. Even for a weekend somewhere not far away, but it will be a great surprise. It is possible to go together with a friend, that suddenly she was not bored.

Romantic candlelight dinner on the roof of the apartment buildings — it is also an adventure. This can be done independently, choosing appropriate high-rise or ordering in the interior of the holidays. It is possible to make an intimate event for two or to invite many friends. It is important to decorate the roof, organize the table delicious and unusual congratulations.

A dream come true

To make them happy is not difficult, it is important to learn all about the human dream. For girls they are often not too huge. For example, a dress that is memorable, but buy it she did not dare. Or a ring with a beautiful stone, which was in the new jewelry salon. Such trivia have in the Bank many, just need to find out about them in advance. And a dream come true — it's not just a gift, it is a welcome and very important event.

Many girls was your childhood dream to be a Princess. And costume ball birthday would be appropriate, and 15 and 35 years. It is important thing is to organize all guests must be in costume, the hall is decorated appropriately to the era. And the birthday girl had to wait for the most beautiful dress. Of course, you could rent and not buy for the sake of one evening. But it is important to organize everything and tell in advance.

Photo and video greetings

Today, many experts suggest to make a beautiful video about the life of a friend. It uses excerpts from past records, photos or new material. A film about yourself is the big surprise that is sure to please. Pre-start collecting the right materials, and then just give the master, so he installed all the best.

You can also make a beautiful collage about the life of a friend. Better to fit in the original album, included a story that each page was a continuation of the last, and it was all decorated in a fabulous story with a great ending.

Advice 7: How to make an organizer for underwear with their hands

Organizer for underwear – an indispensable thing in the economy, allowing to contain the underwear drawer in the closet in perfect order. This organizer is easy to make your own hands and fit its dimensions exactly the place for linen storage.
Homemade organizer for underwear

Classic organiser out of the box

The easiest option of making organizer for linen is based on ready-made cardboard boxes. This will require a box, the size of which allows you to place it in the Cabinet drawer or in the place where underwear. The side walls of the box neatly pruned to the desired height, after which the next organizer inside and outside with beautiful paste paper for decoupage.

From another box and cut a rectangular strip that will serve to create partitions. The number of strips depends on how many cells will contain the organizer. On details make the small cuts that need to connect walls to each other. To sustain the overall design style, partitions also paste paper for decoupage and reliability of the top is covered with a layer of lacquer. The septum is inserted into the organizer, if necessary, adorned with decorative elements.

If the organizer will be placed on the open shelves, it can be dressed up stitching together cover fabric instead of wrapping paper. For the selected fabric draw a rectangle, the dimensions of which allow you to close the bottom and sides of the box from the outside. Exactly the same make and inner case organizer and its partitions, and the fabric can be the same color as on the external cover and contrasting colors.

On the organizer first, pull the outer cover, then the inner and set partitions. The upper edge of the inner cover is treated with a decorative seam or decorative braid and folded over the outer cover. The finished product is decorated with ribbons, bows, flowers, fabric, beads.

Organizer in the form of honeycombs

Very original and looks spectacular organizer for underwear, made in the form of hexagons-honeycombs. For the manufacture of such a container will need a plastic card the same size and thick paper. If you do not have used plastic cards, replace them with cardboard pieces, cut to template.

To make a smooth and neat honeycomb, cut a strip of paper, the size of which allows you to fold it up and tuck inside, the resulting strips of six cards. The cards should be laid with a distance of about 2-3 mm and be fixed with a drop of glue. In this paper band should stay with the bottom edges of the small stock to the paper was slightly bent – so the finished cell will stick to the bottom.

For the bottom you need to prepare a cardboard hexagons. The strip with the cards stacked in the form of a hexagonal honeycomb, round the contour, thus obtaining a template for making DNA cells. Have formed honeycomb coat with glue folded bottom edge, glued the bottom, and then glued together side walls of the cells. To make the construction of reliability, you can stick it on a thick sheet of cardboard. The finished organizer is decorated with ribbons, lace, and bows.
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