Think first what at the moment can deliver your loved one the maximum pleasure? It could even be that your sudden appearance at work loved to take him to dinner in some romantic place. This event will surely bring your kid lots of positive feelings, not to mention his pride in front of colleagues.
If you sit at home together, make your loved surprise becomes much easier. Cook him his favorite dish, surprise sensual Striptease or a passionate night in bed with a stunning prelude. But if you visit the Muse, write your sweetheart a poem and throw it in an envelope in the mailbox. Send the guy to check his email – he will be very pleasantly surprised.
If you bought your boyfriend a gift and want to present it in an original way, try out the following tips.
If the gift is small, attach in any way it on the body, and the top fit loose robe. Wait for the right time and open your coat, presenting his gift. And for dessert, give the guy myself. It will be memorable surprise.
The second theme is not new, but is still the place to be. Place throughout the apartment messages containing clues. These clues should eventually lead the boy to the present. And for variety and romance provide some of the messages are sensual poems or declarations of love.
And the third method may be discouraging (in a good way) any man. Get a big box, for example, refrigerator or washing machine. Outside the box glue a beautiful paper, optional attach to it your most romantic picture together. Tie a ribbon, write a note, attach it to the box in a prominent place and hide inside along with the gift. For greater effect, get some balloons with helium or a firecracker. When your beloved comes home to see a box and try to open it, to his surprise and delight would be no limit. Imagine dropping you off this box, then release the balloons or confetti of firecrackers and give the guy a gift with tender words, a kiss and a hug. Such long forgotten.