A great influence on the power of a laptop renders the value of the RAM - install more RAM. To do this, carefully read the instructions and find out the maximum possible size of RAM. Then get the proper item and install it in the laptop. Please note that some laptopx slot for expansion of memory is designed as a separate compartment with its own lid, and some of such a compartment is not, and for this operation you will have to disassemble it almost completely.
In addition to the memory performance of the laptop depends on the graphics card. The graphics card can be integrated or discrete (separate). Onboard video card can not be changed. A discrete graphics card can be replaced by more powerful. Find out what video card is installed in your laptop, then purchase and install the more powerful. Plug the new video card should be exactly the same as the old. To replace the video card you will need to disassemble the whole laptop.
To increase the power of the laptop also you can use install a new hard disk larger. Find out hard drive size and memory and purchase a new hard disk with the same size, but a large volume and greater speed. Hard drive installation is also accompanied by a complete disassembly of the laptop.