You need to clean the registry using Total Commander or with the help of a special program CCleaner, which in addition to cleaning the registry carries out the removal of temporary Internet files, clipboard, memory dumps, archiver WinRar.
You should run the program, put a checkmark in the selected points and to analyze. After analyzing cleaned using the image button. This procedure allows to optimize the performance of your computer by releasing a significant amount of space of active memory.
Acceleration runs due to cleaning startup menu. In the start menu - all programs", select startup and remove unnecessary programs. It should be remembered that these programs just won't launch with Windows, but will not be completely removed. With autorun menu, you can work with the aforementioned CCleaner.
Optimize the graphics settings is in control panel in the menu "display". Select "appearance" and in "Windows and buttons choose classic style. In the "effects" uncheck unnecessary graphical frills. Remember that beautiful unusual cursors, animated desktop background and other flourishes significantly slowing down your computer, so they should be abandoned.
To clean the hard drive should be in the start menu-all programs" choose "standard – service". And run the "disk cleanup".
To speed Windows should remember that the fewer programs installed, the faster it works. Which means that once the program you want to delete. Go to control panel and run "add or remove programs. You will see a list installed on your computer programs and such an important parameter for each program, as the frequency of use. This will allow us to understand how necessary the program, and isn't it better to remove it.
Finally, in order to significantly optimize the performance of your computer, you can defragment. In the start menu-all programs select accessories – system tools and run disk Defragmenter. The program offers first analyze, and then using Defrag to compress rarely used files.