To find out the amount of RAM you can use in several ways. To view all of the information on the card using standard Windows tools, you can run the Dxdiag utility base. For this you need to enter the menu "start" choose "Run" (in Vista and Windows 7 you can enter the name in the search field), and in the appeared window enter Dxdiag. Starts a program that displays a lot of technical parameters, including the amount of memory and type. Also in Windows 7 and Vista to view information about the memory you can click the right mouse button on the desktop, select "screen Resolution". In the window that opens click on link "advanced settings". Opens the properties screen of the video card, where in one of the first points and will specify the amount of memory. The data on the card can be found in the device Manager (start – right-click on "Computer" - device Manager – display Adapters).
To determine the video memory you can also use third-party software. There is a little program CPU-Z that displays the properties of the CPU and graphics card. It will tell you exactly all the important data about the system and your computer hardware.
For users of Nvidia graphics cards there is a program RivaTuner. By installing it, you can view not only the main memory of the video card, but to change some of its parameters, in particular the rotational speed of the cooler, memory, and kernel.