Of course, it can be done if you have not preserved or simply don't have the instructions, or you bought a used computer. To know the name of the manufacturer and model of video card is easy. To do this, click "start" on the desktop, select "All programs", then folder "Standard". In this folder you will see the label "Run" ("Run"). This shortcut can be invoked in Windows Vista and Windows 7 by going to "start" and typing in the word "Run" (without the quotes) at the bottom of the string to search for programs and files.
Click on the label "Run" and in the line that appears type "dxdiag" (without the quotes), then click "OK". You will see a diagnostics computer, which is called DirectX. It contains information about manufacturers of physical security of the computer is called "hardware". This includes the video card. Go to the display tab and make sure that.
The main elements of the tab "Screen" section "Device":
Name - the full name of the graphics card, including the model and its number;

Manufacturer - Corporation, a manufacturer of graphics cards under their own label;

Type of chips - graphics processor which uses the graphics card.