Model of video card and other devices installed on the computer, Windows detects automatically. Less she needs the extra drivers but, ultimately, all devices are recognized correctly and displayed in a single list. In order to know the graphics card model, go to "device Manager". This can be done either through the "control Panel" (in start menu) or by right-click on the icon "My computer", select "Properties" and then to act depending on the version of Windows.
If you have XP, then go to the Hardware tab and click "device Manager". If you have Windows Vista, then in the opened window, with the calculated performance of the system on the left side under "Tasks" right click "device Manager".
Further action from the version of the system are independent. In the window that opens, expand the item "display Adapters" by clicking the corresponding " + " icon and you will see the model names of all installed in the system cards.
In addition to the tools Windows to be installed devices you can also use other specialized software, like Everest. Install and run the program.
To know the graphics card model on the left side of the main window in the "Menu" select the item "Display". The model graphics card you will see in the tab "Video Windows" on the right side of the main window in the field "device Description".